Why is the Internet not working on my laptop

In today’s time internet is one of the most crucial thing as it helps the users to stay connected and work anywhere they want to. But there are many times when users witness issues with their internet and it stops working so in that case follow the below steps to get the issue solved without any hassle.

Why is the Internet not working on my laptop?

Below are all the ways by which users can easily fix the problem of internet not working on my laptop

            Check if you data has exhausted- most of the internet service provider offers plans with very limited data service so if your internet is unable to connect then no data can be the main cause so recharge best way to fix this is by recharging the device and then check if it is connecting or not.
            Restart your phone- many time simple restarting of the phone can easily solve the problem. To do that simply switch off the phone by holding the power button after that long press it in order to turn it off the switch on again.
            Make sure your airplane mode is off- there is a chance that the phone went on the airplane mode and this can be main reason of no internet connection. So make sure to turn off  the airplane mode and then check if the internet is now working properly or not.
            Incorrect Settings- Incorrect settings can also one of the main reason of internet not working or in that case, review all the settings properly or you can even factory reset your phone.

These were the following ways of fix the internet connectivity issue, if still there is any other issue or Internet Not Working, then contact the service provider or  internet technical support  immediately and ask for help, they will provide you best solution.


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