Why isn't Google letting me verify my account

Fix problem to verify the google account

When Google does not verify your identity, that means the given information is not accurate as per the owner of the account. In case of account recovery, the owner provides the correct assessment to verify the identity. If google is not verifying you, in that case, you need to sign to the google account on your same device for seven days. You need to add the recovery phone number for seven days, and to prove your identity; you need to do the below steps:

  • You need to add the recovery phone number and the phone that is signed into your Google account. You can also use the security key that was added to the account once you turned on the 2-step verification.

  • After that, you need to open the verify it's you screen on your device and tap on more ways to verify your identity.

  • You will get the various options on the screen for verification. You need to select any one mode from the screen like phone text, android device, screen lock, fingerprint, security key.

  • With this, you will get the security code on your given phone or email. You need to add that code in the given field and proceed further.

  • Once you add the correct code, google will verify your identity and give you access.

  • If you choose the security questions, you need to answer the questions. You need to enter the code in the screen lock and finger and apply your finger for verification.

To gain more information about the identification, you can get in touch with the Google support team. They will help you if google can't verify my identity and give you access. To find the different contact ways, you can check on their support page and speak with the representative.


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