Where do I find contacts in Hotmail Online

Hotmail is one of the finest online web applications and the best product of Microsoft. There are different benefits of using it, and in many companies, people are equally using it. It is completely secure and safe and provides instant response, but sometimes people face some issues when they fail to find the contact.

If you are the person or user who is not finding the contacts in Hotmail, then you can read this. Here we have covered the steps that can help you to find a contact in the easiest manner. 

Steps to find Contacts in Hotmail 

Hotmail provides an easy way to find the contact and the total interface is easy to use and totally user-friendly. 

  • First of all, go to the website or from where you log in to the Hotmail 

  • Here click on the login page where you have to provide the information, like ID and password 

  • When you click on the account, then you can find the page where you can see the all mails and information related to it 

  • Now, on the page where you can see the option of the hamburger menu. Click on it, then you will find that a completely new drop-down menu 

  • Next, you can see the Hotmail; you can see the navigation bar. Here there are many other options that you can see on the page 

  • Further, you have to go to the bottom of the page and see the option where you can see the contact 

  • Here you can see the contacts that you saved or star it 

Now, you must get to know That where do i find contacts in hotmail . It is the easiest way of finding contacts and if you find difficulty, then you can easily contact the support person. They provide options through which you can connect with the live person. 


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