What to do to fix Century link troubleshooting issues with Internet

Are you struggling with your century link internet connection? Today we are so dependent on the Internet that we can't imagine our daily life without it. In the case of century link, if you are worried about how do I fix my Century Link not connected to Internet? Do not worry. Here in this article below, you will learn about the reason behind no internet connection and how you will fix it?

Why do I have no internet connection?

It can be because of two reasons:-

  1. Century link internet is slow in your area- so you can check the connection in your area. If it is down, you can wait until it gets fixed.

  2. Something is wrong with the Modem:- If the problem is with the Modem, you can check out the information below to fix the issue.

How to fix the Centurylink modem?

When the Modem shows red light or amber light:-

The first thing to fix the Modem is to check whether your Modem is getting power or not. If the power connection is proper, there should be a Green light, not Red, Amber or Off altogether. If there is a problem with power, it must be because of the wrong cord for the power supply; make sure you are using the correct one.

Maybe our Modem is overheated, so move your Modem to the area with better air circulation.

You can also reset your Wi-Fi router in case these sones work.

When there is no light:-

In case of power lights don't turn on, you can check the power cord and ensure that it is plugged in. If it is plugged in and still, you are not getting power, it may be because you are not getting power from the outlet. Well, in that case, you better call an electrician.

DSL, Internet Lights and Wi-Fi lights

Once the light goes green, it means every light in your Modem should turn green. You can check out the below to ensure all flights turn green.

DSL light:- Check the Ethernet cord is plugged in properly.

Internet Icon:- The internet icon will turn into a solid green once the Modem is connected to the Internet. If you face any issue, it can happen maybe because you enter the wrong login information or the Internet is down in your area. You can also call for technical support in this case.

Wi-Fi:- make sure that your Wi-Fi is enabled; otherwise, it will get turned off.

 So, how do I fix my Century Link not connected to the Internet? You can follow the information above to fix the issue. Besides, if you still face any problems, you can speak to the customer support team of century link.


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