What is the setup process for drivers for Windows 10 

Pondering over how to update the Wifi drivers in a Windows 10 device? Well, then you have come to the exact right place. We are going to share a step by step guide that would make things easy for you as far as updating drivers on Windows 10 is concerned. All you are required to do is follow until the end to get details of the installation process concerning drivers on Windows 10.

There is one thing that users need to know. Whenever they go for a Windows update, driver updates for Windows get automatically installed. But if you would still like to perform a manual update for drivers then stick to the steps mentioned down under:

  • Open the Taskbar, here you are supposed to look for the Device manager option. Select it. 

  • You will now be able to see a variety of categories, select any that you wish to update by right-clicking on the same. 

  • Next, users are required to make a selection of Search automatically for updated driver software options.

  • Click on the Update Driver option. 

  • In case Windows is unable to look for a new driver, then you could find the same by looking for it on the manufacturer’s website and stick to the guidelines. 

In order to reinstall the device driver, users are supposed to perform the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Device manager in the taskbar. 

  • Select the device that you need to uninstall and then select the uninstall option. 

  • Next, you are required to restart your P.C. 

  • Windows will automatically try to reinstall the driver. 

The steps listed above are truly helpful as far as how to update my wifi drivers on Windows 10 is concerned. Users may also face some additional complications with the updates, if so, then it is highly recommended that you seek technical assistance or help from professionals.


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