What is the Quick method to reach Facebook Lite?

Facebook has been one of the earliest sources of interaction with friends and with strangers as well on the internet. It has offered a platform for people to make friends online from other countries. It has helped in spreading the culture of every country to the other and making people closer. But with time, it becomes difficult for people to use Facebook as the size of it is big, and people with low-storage and old phones find it challenging to use.

Facebook listens to its user's complaints, and this is the reason that Facebook lite got launched which is short in size with the same features. In case you are wondering, How do you call someone on Facebook Lite?  Then it is simple and a lot like Facebook, as it has the same features. If you have used Facebook, then it will be easy for you to call someone on Facebook Lite, and if not, then you will be able to as soon as you finish reading this. Not just calling, Facebook Lite has other features as well, such as chatting, posting, and to get in touch with people far away from you, no matter whether they are in another country or in your neighborhood.


How to call someone on Facebook Lite:

Calling or video calling on Facebook Lite could be amazing if you have a good internet connection. You just have to go through some simple steps to make a call to someone on it:

  • Open the Facebook Lite app or on a browser.

  • Log in to your id by adding your email address and password.

  • Go to the chat option and open a chat with the person you want to make a call to.

  • The calling option will be available at the top right corner of the chat box.

  • As soon as you tap on it, the call will take place.

  • You can talk to the person.


Facebook Lite is not something which will be difficult for you to use. It has made everything easy for its users from the very beginning. You can use the same procedure to make a video call to your friend or a stranger. On Facebook Lite, you can also talk to strangers or your friends without being their friends on Facebook. You just have to permit Facebook in the setting option to let you talk to the ones who are not your friends. If you have any more queries, you can contact Facebook Lite customer support


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