What is the process to Unlock Yahoo Mail Account

How can you unlock Yahoo email without a phone number?

Would you like to see how to unlock your Yahoo email account without using a phone number? This problem might occur when users forget the Yahoo login password. If a Yahoo user submits the incorrect login password too many times, the account will be locked by the authorities. You can use the recovery process to unlock your Yahoo email if you need access. You may learn more about how to unlock Yahoo email without a phone number by reading the information provided below.

Though recovery using your phone number is the best approach to unlock your Yahoo email. However, if you need to unlock your Yahoo account without a phone number, you may use alternative methods. For more information on how can I unlock my Yahoo email without a phone number , please check the explanation below.

Unlock Yahoo account with recovery email

·       Go to the Yahoo mail login website and press the "Difficulty singing" button.

·       On the next page, you'll find the recovery choices "phone number" or "email."

·       You can select email to complete recovery without using a phone number because it's not in use.

·       After that, the Yahoo team will send you a code in the recovery email.

·       Then go to your email account and copy the code from the Yahoo you got.

·       Input the code on recovery window, and you will be taken to the password reset page after it is verified.

·       Finally, you'll need to generate a new Yahoo account password in order to unlock your email.

Unlock Yahoo account with security question

·       Go to Yahoo Mail's main page and select I don't remember my password.

·       Then input your Yahoo email address and press next button.

·       You will see a list of account recovery choices on the next page, including phone number, recovery email, and security question.

·       Because you don't have your phone number, select Answer Security Question.

·       On the following page, you'll find your security question, which you must correctly answer.

·       Type in the answer to your security question and double-check that it is accurate.

·       After you submit your response, Yahoo will validate your email account in a few seconds.

·       Then you'll be sent to a screen where you can create a new password to replace the one you forgot.

·       Finally, after saving your new password for Yahoo email, you can use it to unlock your account.

The information on alternate methods to unlock Yahoo account without a phone number may be found in the section above. Furthermore, you may consult a professional by contacting Yahoo support if you require any more assistance.


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