What is the process to get hold on Delta Airlines?

At times, due to busy call lines on call, you might get stuck while trying to connect with the airlines. And if you have some urgent work and both call lines are running busy, you can choose to skip the same and then connect with the team. If the hold time is long enough, you can choose to either disconnect or request a call back from the team. 

Others ways of communication through which you can skip Delta hold time. 

1. Live Chat- if the hold time is long enough on call to wait, you can choose the chat process to get through to the team. Through the chat process, you can avail yourself of real-time assistance. To chat with the team, you can follow the methods given below: 

  • Land at the official webpage of the airlines. 

  • On the contact, us page, scroll down to the additional assistance section and choose the chat option from the available methods. 

  • It will result in expanding a chat box on the right side of the screen. Get on to the box and connect with an agent who will help you with the raised query. 

2. Email- You can choose to draft an email and send it to the official email address of the team. On receiving the query, the team shall get back to you within 24 hours of the time you have received the mail. 

3. Contact forms- If you are looking for the answers to How do I skip Delta Airlines hold time, then one of the ways is through the contact forms. You can reach the contact/complaint form available on the airline's webpage through which you can write to them. 

Final Words- If you wish to skip the hold time on the airlines, you can request a callback through the callback form or go through the ways explained above. You can also surf through the airlines' webpage to know more. 


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