What is the procedure for changing your profile photo on Google account

Google users can choose any photo and set it as their profile picture, which then displays on the several services of Google they are using. However, you are allowed to change your Google profile picture via account update any time you want. The same Google profile picture is then displayed with services like Gmail, Hangouts, YouTube, etc. Moreover, for changing the Google profile picture, users require to access the Google account settings first. Moreover, if you are willing to learn the accurate procedure to change Google profile picture, follow the instructions from below.

·       Go to the official page of Google from web or mobile browser

·       Then login to your Google account by submitting the correct ID and password

·       Now go to your profile picture that is available at the top right corner and select it

·       Then a drop down list providing several account options will appear

·       Tap on the change button that appear on top of your profile picture

·       Now you will get a few choices of folders for choosing new profile picture

·       Then you can either tap on select a photo from computer to change manually

·       Or just drag a picture from the folder and put in between the up loader

·       After you have selected a new photo click set as profile photo button

·       Hereafter, your old Google profile photo will be replaced by this newly selected one

However, this is the most appropriate way of changing your Google profile photo. Or else contact Google support number team if unable to update your profile picture due to some error. Once you are successful in changing your Google profile picture, the new one will be displayed on the various Google services you are using after that. Apart from that, if you are dealing with any other issue while using Google services, connect to its customer service team for receiving professional guidance.


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