What is the history of Sheraton Hotel


Talking about the way the Sheraton Hotel and Resorts were started so it takes us back to the year 1933, Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore were Harvard classmates and they purchased the Continental Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Gradually in the year 1937 they purchased the Standard Investing Company making it the passage through which they would run their hotels. The chain which is Sheraton Hotel got its name from the third hotel which they acquired based in Boston, it already had a massive lighted sign on the roof stating "Sheraton Hotel." Which in their part was too expensive to change. So they decided to keep that name and further call out their hotels with that name. After this Henderson and Moore continued expanding rapidly by buying the existing hotel properties along the East Coast from Maine to Florida. Hard work paid off as in the year 1947, Sheraton was the first chain of hotels to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Sheraton Hotels after that took a step and merged  with U.S. Realty Improvement Corporation in the year 1948 which then formed Sheraton Corporation Of America.

The Chain Of Sheraton

Sheraton started expanding internationally rapidly and in the year 1957, Sheraton which had previously just focused on  acquiring existing hotels opened its first newly built hotel known as, 'The Philadelphia Sheraton Hotel. In the year 1958, Sheraton became the first hotel chain to centralize and computerize its reservations when it introduced 'Reservations', the hotel industry's first automatic electronic reservations system. Talking about Sheraton acquiring its properties outside North America, so it's first property was the chain of four hotels owned by Matson Lines on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. People can easily make
Sheraton Hotel reservations by the Sheraton official page.


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