What is the best time to stay in Hotel

What are the cheapest days to stay in a hotel?

When you move out somewhere on a trip, you seek a place to stay and hotels become the second home for you. There is no doubt that everyone wants an awesome hotel at a cheaper price. Staying in a great hotel can be heavy on your pockets. This is why we are here with a technique through which you can save some money while booking your ticket.

Here will tell you about what are the cheapest days to stay in a hotel , when is it best to check In a hotel or what are the best timings for that. Keep reading this article to learn new tricks to help your pocket.

Cheapest day to stay in a hotel

If you are planning a vacation, it’s a good thing that you can control your trip. If your reason for the trip is to enjoy yourself, you can choose Sunday and Monday to check in to a hotel. The reason behind that is most of the people prefer to travel on weekends to them usually check-in on Saturdays and hence, Sundays are not preferred as an idol day to book a room and start your vacation. You can go on Mondays also and sometimes Friday too. So, if you are planning to get a cheap stay in a hotel, better avoid the start of weekends and plan according to get a room at an affordable price. 

Some tips to get cheaper rooms in a hotel:

  • If you have control over planning your trip, avoid it planning on weekends as you witness more crowd and expensive stays at the hotels.

  • If your trip is confirmed, try to make a booking in advance. This gives you some additional discounts and you get to save some penny.

  • You can also check-in at the last minute in some hotels as some hotel operates on the policy to give a cheap room than to keep the room without guests. So, if you have an eagle eye to keep a record of the best deals, you can be benefitted from this trick.

  • Hotel rooms start getting cheaper after 4 pm as most of the people checks out at noon. You can use this time to get a cheap room. If you don’t have a problem with waiting or have something else to do, you can check in after 8 pm to get an additional discount.

  • As stated earlier, Sundays are the best day to book a room in a hotel but if you have plenty of time, booking rooms on Sunday nights can cut a big slack on your pocket. You can get more than 30% of discounts on rooms.

  • Try to book your ticket during the off-season of the trip location that means if someplace is famous or most visited during December or January, you can avoid these months.

  • The discounts in hotel rooms vary from hotel to hotel. Some hotels give rewards to the early birds who book their tickets in advance and some hotels give advantage to the last minute bookings so you need to keep a constant check on the hotel deals of the trip location.

So, these were some tips you can use at the time of hotel bookings and we also tried to answer your question of what are the cheapest days to stay in a hotel . You can use the above instructions at the time of booking your rooms. Have a happy stay!


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