What is Indigo Flight Change Policy

Indigo is one of the Indian Airlines which provides low-cost fares to its passengers. It is the most extensive flight in Asia regarding low-cost carrier and the sixth-largest carrier in Asia. It operates both domestic and international flights to 95 destinations worldwide.

Passengers may ask queries related to how can i change my flight date with Indigo? Many passengers book their flights with Indigo and at last change their plans of traveling to their destination. They must not be available at the departure date or would have canceled their plan due to some unavoidable reasons. There are some steps by which the passengers can change their flight tickets with Indigo:

  1. Passengers need to open an internet browser on their devices with a good internet connection. After that, sign in to the official website of Indigo.
  2. There will be multiple options on the website page to select, choose the change flight option, and click on it. A new page will appear with tabs.
  3.  Enter all the information given on the tab with the reservation number and the last name of the passengers. Tap on the continue option. 
  4. Next, passengers have to select the date they want to book their next flight and click on the Next button. A confirmation mail is sent to the passengers after changing their flight tickets.

Some of the policies for changing flight tickets:

  1. Changes on tickets for free can be done within 24 hours if the tickets are booked seven days before.
  2. There will be some charges for changing airline tickets.
  3. If a third party is involved during the reservation, passengers can make changes only through the agents.
  4. The flight changing fees will be charged according to the flight's distance, fares, and destination.

These ways mentioned above will help the passengers to change their flight tickets dates according to their next journey planning. These policies and methods will help them know how to change flight tickets. They can also contact their travel agents through which the bookings were made. 


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