What is a Reservation number or a booking reference

Every time a traveler books a flight, this happens. The deed is done, whether they buy tickets and board an aircraft or cancel the reservation and stay at home. A Reservation number or PNR has been created and saved with information about them.

What is the reservation number for a flight ?  It could be referred to as a record locator, booking reference, reservation code, or simply PNR. Whatever you name it, the code normally consists of six characters letters or letters, and digits, depending on the booking system.

Passengers are emailed a unique booking reference after completing a reservation, which can also be found on e-tickets and boarding permits. It allows tourists to check in and maintains their reservations online. Travelers can also access their flight details with the code.

Though PNR codes appear to be a random collection of characters, airlines use unique algorithms to position the letters and numbers in a certain order and prevent duplicating previously used combinations. Carriers aim to recognize and restrict vulgarity while creating references. Codes can be used again, but only after a trip with the same PNR has been completed.

Data from the passenger name record.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and Airlines for America, formerly known as the Air Transport Association of America, were the first to adopt PNR standards (ATA).

Mandatory data elements.

Sabre recommends remembering the most important data items by utilizing the acronym PRINT, which stands for:

  • To make contact, dial either a traveler's or a travel agent's number;

  • received from the field, generally, a passenger or travel agency, identifying the last person who made changes to the PNR;

  • at least one segment of the journey must be included in the itinerary;

  • a passenger's or passengers' name, including full first and last names (the middle name is optional);

  • as well as ticketing, which specifies how and when a ticket will be given.

It is impossible to complete a reservation, create a PNR, or receive a Reservation number without at least one of them.


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