What happens if your flight has been canceled by Turkish

Are you traveling with Turkish Airlines? Did Turkish airlines cancel your flight? Do you want to know the cancellation policy of Turkish airlines? It is often seen that Turkish airlines need to cancel the flight due to some technical or non-technical issues. When exceptional circumstances occur, and the airlines feel the need to cancels the flight, then the airline's passengers get some options as per the cancellation policy of Turkish airlines. Below is the cancellation policy of Turkish airlines if they cancel the flight from their end only.

Cancellation policy of Turkish airlines when they cancel the airline

  1. Full refund- if the Turkish airlines cancel the flight due to exceptional circumstances, then the passengers will get the option to claim a full refund of the amount of the ticket and the complimentary gift coupons as the compensation fee for cancellation from the Turkish airlines. Now it's on the passenger when they want to use that complementary gift coupon or compensation ticket after getting a full refund.

  2. Travel in another airline- if the Turkish airline cancels the flight from their end, then the passenger will get the option of rebooking the flight of the same day and same destination but another flight free of cost without any additional Charges along with complimentary vouchers of the food and beverages as the compensation fee along with premium facilities without any additional charges. This option is given when the passenger has some urgent work to be done, and the passenger needs to reach there.

Those as mentioned above were the cancellation policies of the Turkish airlines when the flight got canceled from the end of airlines. Suppose the passenger wants to know more about What happens when Turkish Airlines cancels your flight . In that case, they may talk to the customer care executive of the Turkish airline to get customer support from Turkish airlines and ask about the same.

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