What is the American airlines' cancellation policy? 

The inclusions of the American Airlines Cancellation Policy are mentioned down under: 

  • Once the cancellations have been made, the passengers will receive a flight voucher that can be used for planning future travel with American airlines. 

  • If the passengers opt for online cancellations within 24 hours of making the initial reservation then you will get a total refund against the flight cancelled by you. 

What happens if I cancel my flight on American Airlines?

American airlines are the best when it comes to hospitality and comfortable flights. With American Airlines, the passengers are able to grab affordable seats and the facilities offered are beyond the fares that are charged by the passengers. If you are wondering regarding cancellations at American airlines, then you have come to the exact right place. In this paper, we are going to cover details regarding cancellations with American airlines. Moreover, we will also cover what happens if you cancel a flight with American airlines. So stay tuned and follow until the end. 

If you wish to Cancel American Airlines Flights, then you could stick to the following ways that are as follows:

  • Online cancellations using the official website. 

  • At the airport cancellations.

  • Over the call, cancellations include additional charges.

What happens if you cancel a flight on American airlines? 

  • You can opt for refunds
  • You can use the travel credit that helps you to plan your future travel with American airlines.

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