What are the steps to recover Yahoo password without verification code

Are you one of those users who have failed to recover the Yahoo Mail password because of lost access to the linked email or phone number? Then, you will be glad to know that there is an alternative procedure that can help one to restore access to their Yahoo Mail account.

Further, to get more information regarding How can I recover my Yahoo account without verification code, the user can follow the quick instructions mentioned in this article and regain access to their account.

Procedure to recover Yahoo account password without verification code

To help users recover their Yahoo account password, the user can follow the steps mentioned below and reaccess their account.

  • To begin the recovery process, visit the official sign-in page.

  • Here, the user can click on the forgot password link.

  • Then, on the next page, the user can mention the phone or email id for Yahoo Mail. 

  • After that, in the recovery options, the user can pick the security questions option. 

  • And now, the user needs to provide answers to the questions linked to their Yahoo Mail.

  • After that, the account of the user will be verified.

  • Now, the user can create a new password for Yahoo Mail and complete the process of recovery.

Thus, this is the complete info on how can I recover my Yahoo account without verification code . Still, if the user has any queries they can feel free to reach out to the customer service for assistance and manage their email activities in time.

So, for all the users out there who are failing to recover their Yahoo account, they can make use of the provided information and manage their email settings accordingly. 


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