What are the Procedure to change Facebook Password on iPhone

Follow the Quick Steps to Modify Facebook Password on iPhone

Facebook is a social networking service that is accessed by millions of people around the globe. But, some users worry that their accounts might get compromised because of security issues or forgotten passwords. Thankfully, users can overcome this issue in time by changing the Facebook account password in time.

The procedure To facebook password change on iphone is quite simple, but some users have faced some issues while modifying the Facebook account password. So, for the users who are facing difficulty in updating their account password, can check out the steps provided below or contact the Facebook help center.

  • For updating the Facebook password, the user needs to open the app on the iPhone.

  • Now, the user needs to tap on the three-line tab and continue.

  • Further, the user needs to scroll and tap on the Settings and privacy option. 

  • Then, the user needs to tap on the privacy shortcuts option and continue. 

  • After that, the user needs to swipe down and tap on the change password option. 

  • Here, the user can enter the new password for the Facebook account and save the same. 

  • Further, the user can use the new password to access Facebook account services. 

Besides, if the user has queries or fails to update the Facebook account password, then they can reach out to the help center for the required assistance. 



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