What are the methods to use Google Lens without App?

Google Provides innovative trick to use the Google lenses on your device for the picture and images in easy manner. It is the image recognition technology developed by Google, designated to bring up the relevant information related to objects that identifies the visual analysis based on neural work at the right time. It does not consume more time when you are using your Google lens on your updated device as it works perfect when you are using an Android and iPhone device. It is required to use when you use its app on your device which is the inbuilt feature of Android device. 

You are on the best path, where you need to check if the Lens icon displays in the app when you use an application on your device. If you wish to use your Google Lens without the app on your device and want to learn the trick, you need to open the camera app and tap the Lens icon in the lower-left corner. You can check with some app versions, tap Modes, and select the Lens icon that helps you scan the picture on your device and learn the best trick of using Google Lens at the right time. If you are still facing trouble and don’t know the best way to use Google Lens, you are the best platform where you will learn everything in detail at your required time.

Following are the ways to use Google Lens without app:

·         First, open an internet browser on your device and go directly to Google Lens by typing it in the URL address bar and pressing enter.

·         You will check the list of Google Lens that you can select for the images and pictures when you wish to use without the application.

·         When you access Google Chrome, you will select an image you would like to use the lens on and tap on hold and press the button on the image.

·         A menu will pop up when you check with the complete guide of the list of lenses and ensure you find an easy caning process for your Google Lens.

·         Select the search for the image with Google Lens on your device, you can use by just simply clicking on your device at the end.

If you still have some trouble and are willing to ask how can I use Google Lens without app, you must go to chrome or contact a live person who is available to assist you at your required time, specially




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