A memorable impression on visitors' minds is Coimbatore and Kovai within the State of Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is situated in Tamil Nadu. Noyyal River surrounds Coimbatore India on its South-west side along with it is located in the Western Ghats in the North and West regions. The town is appealing and pleasing to be awed by. It is unique in its diversity of geographical location, ethnicity and even its cultural aspects.

Coimbatore tours have plenty to provide. From gorgeous waterfalls to green broad ghats and rolling hills It is among the most visited places to visit. There are a few major Coimbatore tourist attractions including Monkey Falls, Ayyappan Temple, Aliyar Dam etc, which offer a tranquil experience.

Manchester in South India has to offer stunning jewelry made of Gold and Diamond along with the world's most famous villages cut sarees. Additionally, Coimbatore tourism is also well-known for adventure sports like ATV riding, camping or climbing on rocks. Find the lodging out of the many options to have a relaxing holiday.

A fusion of culture and beauty Coimbatore is one place that should be on your top travel destinations.


Places to visit in Coimbatore

Adiyogi Shiva Statue

In the midst of lush green farmland in the midst of the mountains Velliangiri are Velliangiri's Adiyogi (First Yogi) Shiva Statue which was inaugurated by the Prime Secretary Narendra Modi and Sadhguru. The statue stands 112 feet high and is in honor of Lord Shiva. It is considered to be one of the wonderful places to visit in Coimbatore.

Sree Ayyappan Temple

Sree Ayyappan Temple is referred to as the second Sabarimala Temple for its architecture and puja procession, as well as its style. It is located in the city's center. The temple has amazing views and is filled with amazing art and history. Lord Ayyappa is the main god. The devotees from all over the world gather in this place to receive blessings.

Monkey Falls

Monkey Falls, a significant portion of Coimbatore attractions, is situated at an approximate distance of 67 km far from Coimbatore city. It is located close to Aliyar Dam that lies between Valparai and Pollachi. It is regarded as a popular destination for tourists coming from all over the country. It is also famous for the presence of monkeys.

Kodiveri Dam

The dam is located at the River Bhavani, Kodiveri Dam is an important component of Coimbatore tourism, is situated 75 km away from the city. An ideal picnic spot that offers amazing views and a gorgeous park that is situated on the dam's bottom. It is a popular spot for water sports because the speed of gushing water into the river isn't too massive.

Vellingiri Hill Temple

Vellingiri also known as Kailash of South is known as the home of the mythical worship that is believed to be the one of Swayambhu also known as Lord Shiva. The mountain's significance is the famed temple of Rajathadri situated at the top of the hill. The temple is thought to have been the location in which Lord Shiva was believed to have performed his Tandava Dance.


Things to do in Coimbatore

There's a lot you can do in Coimbatore. The top experiences to enjoy in Coimbatore are listed below.

Discover more about automobiles at the Gedee Museum of Car

Auto enthusiasts should mark Gedee Car Museum in their Coimbatore travel guide. The Gedee Car Museum is divided into several areas, which house around 50 classic and antique cars, with their histories on display. The museum is home to iconic engines as well as cars made by different nationalities.

Visit Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary happens to be the most protected and the largest protected sanctuary located in Coimbatore. The sanctuary is home to huge biodiversity and flora as well as large reservoirs, and perennial rivers, this sanctuary is also home to a variety of tribes. You can participate in the fun and frolic activities in the lush green environs within the protected area. In addition, you can spot wild animals such as Indian the fox Indian porcupine Bandicoot Rat as well as other animals. Therefore, choose this location from the other Coimbatore tourist destinations to experience an enjoyable escape from the bustling city.

Day at Gass Forest Museum

Make up your mind's picture of the lush forest world when you plan a visit to the Gass Forest Museum. It is located on the premises of the forest college The museum is run under the Government of Tamil Nadu. Explore a myriad of fascinating artifacts, including wood craft as well as timber and non-timber items including wildlife, unique forest insect species. If you're an enthusiast of entomology make sure to include this place within the pages of your Coimbatore itinerary and visit it when you travel to the city.

The best timing to be there Coimbatore

Coimbatore attractions are mysterious and exciting in their own ways and entice visitors from all over the world all year long.

Summers are hot and humid in Coimbatore, but the evenings provide a relaxing time. In the monsoons, Coimbatore is sprayed throughout the season. However, if you're a fanatic of rainy weather and would like to experience the popular Aadi Perukku festival Aadi Perukku, then monsoons are the ideal time to go to Coimbatore.

Although summers and monsoons may not be the ideal timing to visit the city however, winter is considered to be the ideal time to travel to Coimbatore because the weather is generally pleasant during this time of year. The period from September to March is the best time to explore the beauty and beauty of Coimbatore.

How do I reach Coimbatore

Coimbatore city is accessible through all transportation methods via main roads, railway, air and main road. Read the information provided to gain a thorough understanding of how you can get to Coimbatore.

By Airways: Flights to Coimbatore are accessible from cities in the metro like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Peelamedu Airport is the main airport in Coimbatore that operates frequent services. It is located approximately 12 kilometers away from the town. Hire a private taxi or use a local transportation to go to any Coimbatore tourist spots at the airport.

By Railways The city in Coimbatore includes two main railway stations: Coimbatore North Station and Coimbatore Junction. Coimbatore Junction is the North Station that links the city with the rest of the nation. From here, you can take a taxi or local transport and travel to any of the Coimbatore places of interest.

Through Roadways There is a simple way to travel to Coimbatore by bus, which is managed by the state transport from Tamil Nadu. Opt for buses that will take you into the city from the nearby cities of Cochin, Chennai and Trivandrum. If you're traveling via car, you can use the NH-47 national highway that connects the city with the rest of the nation. Book your accommodation in Coimbatore To have a planned excursion.


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