The Procedure to Enable Google Nest to Answer Phone Calls

Google Nest is a line of smart home products that assist you in many ways. You can watch or listen to any media, control your TVs and speakers, plan your calendar or manage tasks. Google Nest is a smart product, and it stands well on its name.

If you are wondering, can Google Nest answer your phone calls? The answer is yes; Google Nest surely answers your phone calls.

To enable Google Nest to answer the mobile phone calls, you need to sync the phone call with Google Nest. A total of 10 Google Nest speakers can answer your calls; just say, 'Hey Google, Answer Call.'

Follow the steps below to get the facility of Google Nest receiving and answering your phone calls.

  1. First, you are required to download the Google Home App. Go to Google's Play Store to look for the Google Home application.

  2. After downloading, open the Google Home app on your device.

  3. You need to ensure that your phone or tablet device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home app.

  4. Tap on the menu icon from the upper-left corner and confirm that the Google Account is linked to the Google Home app.

  5. You need to change the account if the account is not linked to the Google Home app. Tap on the triangle icon and select the correct account.

  6. After selecting the correct account, tap on the menu from the upper-left corner of the Google Home app.

  7. Tap on 'More Settings.'

  8. Now choose the Google Home that you want to connect your contact to.

  9. Move the slider to turn on the personal results, and your Google Home device will be connected to the chosen contact. 

The instructions mentioned above can help you to enable Google Nest to receive and answer your phone calls. To get more information, do visit Google's Help Center page.

Add Your Contacts to Google Home Device

Follow the steps below to sync your phone contact with your Google Home device, and Google Nest will answer all of your phone calls.

  1. Open the Google Home application.

  2. Tap on the Manage your Google Account button.

  3. Then tap on 'People and Sharing' and tap further on 'Contact Info from Your Devices.'

  4. Now turn on the 'Save Contact from your Signed-In Devices' option.

Now you have synced all of your contacts to Google Home so that Google Nest can answer all of your mobile phone calls. To get more information, please call Google's customer support.


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