How to seek assistance from a live person for Turbotax related issues 

Turbotax is one of the popular tax management software that allows users to file their annual tax returns online without the need for traditional paperwork. Indeed, the services offered by the software are incredible, but there are times when users might face some issues while accessing the services or performing tasks. 

Luckily, encountering technical issues with the software is common among the users and can be resolved in time by opting for the perfect solution to seeking help from a Turbotax live person. So, for the users who are not aware of the process, how they can reach out to the live person at Turbotax customer service, they can check out the complete info provided in this article. 

How does a live person at Turbotax customer service help in resolving issues?

For the users who are failing to resolve Turbotax issues and have no clue how to talk to a live person at Turbotax, they can check out the contact information mentioned below. Moreover, for the users who are wondering how does a live person help in fixing issues, they are the support representatives who have expertise in fixing all sorts of issues and errors related to Turbotax. 

Ways to contact a live person at the Turbotax support center 

From account management to credit deductions, a live person can assist the users in resolving various sorts of issues and queries. Further, to offer prompt assistance, the service providers have introduced various communication channels that one can opt to seek assistance from Turbotax live person. 

A) Assistance over a phone call

For seeking prompt assistance at Turbotax support, the user can dial the toll-free number of the support and follow the instructions to seek prompt assistance. 

  • After the user contacts the support, they are required to make a selection of the options to seek prompt help.
  • Further, the user can pick their issue type from the IVR, and a support representative will be assigned to offer them the required help. 
  • And then, the user can explain their issue and resolve their problem with the software. 

B) Assistance over chat

For any reason, if the user fails to talk to a live person at Turbotax over a phone call, then the user can opt for the chat service of the customer service. 

  • For the live chat assistance, the user is required to visit the official page of Turbotax and opt for the chat assistance option under the contact us menu. 
  • Further, the user can mention their queries and issues and explain the same. 
  • Once the request is submitted, the user will be offered the required assistance to fix the problem. 

Unfortunately, Turbotax support does not offer email assistance to users. However, one can still look for the solutions in the FAQ section present on the support page of the Turbotax that one can check out to resolve their problems. 

Thus, this is the complete information on how one can talk to a live person at Turbotax. And for the users who are still wondering what are the issues for which they can seek assistance from a live person, they can read out the list of some of the common issues managed by the live person at Turbotax support. 

Common issues managed by a live person at Turbotax support

Well, there are multiple issues that one can encounter with their Turbotax, but some of the common issues for which one can seek assistance from a Turbotax live person include the following

  • Turbotax outage issue
  • Issues while accessing the account 
  • Turbotax rejecting the taxes
  • Turbotax account hacked 
  • Issues while recovering the Turbotax account
  • Problem with the mobile app
  • Issues while claiming a refund
  • Problem while updating the software
  • Problem while setting up the Turbotax account 

Thus, these are the few issues for which one can seek assistance from the Turbotax support. So, for the users who are constantly facing issues with their Turbotax account, they can seek required help for their issues and manage their tax activities in time and resolve all their problems in time. 

So, follow the quick instructions mentioned and seek prompt assistance for your Turbotax issues. 

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