Learn the ways on How do I format my laptop Windows 10

Windows 10 is the updated & the very latest version of windows, through which the access & functioning of the laptop or PC gets much smoother & convenient. Windows 10 is a series of operating systems that are developed by Microsoft. Windows 10 got very positive reviews upon its original release. But sometimes it is said that every new system or the software once gets issues in a while.

So, Windows 10 too got negative reviews, because this operating system takes a lot of space that sometimes not feasible for the user. Now if you want to know about the procedure of how do I format my laptop Windows 10 , so that you get rid of the issues that you face with Windows 10.

So, for that you just go through these key steps that will help you to format a laptop that consists of Windows 10;

•        First open your start menu, for that click on the start icon at the lower-left corner of your screen

•        Then click on the settings from the start menu, this option is listed next to the gear icon on the menu & the settings menu will open on the new screen

•        Now click on the Update & security option

•        Then click on the recovery present on the left sidebar

•        Now click on the get started button under Reset this PC, this option will allow the user to reinstall the Windows operating system on your laptop & will rest the entire system

•        Then you have the option to remove everything, this option will delete all of your personal files & data, apps & settings without saving any backups

•        If you want to back up your files select keep my files here & also make sure if doing recover, then backup & recover all files, photos, videos & documents

•        Now click on the remove files & clean the drive, this option will make sure that delete everything from the laptop so to complete the thorough system reset

•        Then click on the warning window, this will confirm that you want to reset your laptop & will allow to reset

•        Click on the reset button ready to reset this PC, now automatically laptop will start the reset process

•        Then wait for the system to reset to finish, which can take few minutes to few hours for resetting

•        At last you will be asked few options continue, troubleshoot, & turn off your PC

•        Click continue & start using your formatted laptop.


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