Learn How to link reservations on American Airlines

American Airlines provides special benefits to book a flight ticket online but it does not allow you to link reservations directly. If you do have them ink then you can precede to log-into your account and see the panel carefully.

So if you link an AA reservations you can proceed to make a wonderful reservation with ease. It will be good to be the owner of that link and add it to the reservation to find the best deals and offers. To avoid confusion, you are required to read the steps down.

·        At first, visit the booking website and click on the booking tab and click on the log-in to your account and see the panel attentively.

·        You will see the link to the reservation carefully and click on the option that helps you to choose the best link.

·        You can see the American Airlines reservation and enter the ticket booking number and read all the details of the booking ultimately.

It is important to enter the credentials of both parties from which you got the link and get the message of link reservation on your phone to check.

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