Is cheap to buy Spirit Flight Ticket at Counter

Spirit Airline tickets are cheaper at the airport

You might be looking forward to flying on a Spirit airline flight. If you want to get a good discount on a Spirit Airline flight, then you just need to visit the Airport and purchase it from there. Yes, it is that easy. The difference could be as much as 19 Dollars.

Why do I get a cheap ticket at the airport?

  • The passenger usage charge, government expenses, and other charges make the ticket price really high. 

  • If you make the booking over the phone or online then you won’t be able to get a discount. However, you can see the breakdown of your payment on the invoice you’ll receive. There would be a separate charge for the “passenger usage charge”. 

  • So, now you know the main reason why Spirit Airline tickets are cheaper at the Airport. 

  • That is surely a big cost and getting that much discount can be satisfactory for anyone.  

No dedicated counter for ticket booking at the airport:

  • Purchasing air tickets from the airport is something that Spirit certainly does not want to promote. Maybe that is the reason why there is no specific dedicated counter to ticket booking. 

Why ticket is expensive online or over the phone? 

  • Spirit Airlines tickets are expensive if you book them, online or over the phone because the majority of customers buy tickets through that medium. Not many visit the airport and stand in a queue to buy the tickets. 

  • This makes the airlines charge the tax from the most used mediums of payment.

So, next time if you wonder, “Is it cheaper to buy Spirit airlines tickets at the airport?” Then you know where to go. This world is getting smaller, but at the same time, you also need to know some shortcuts or smart cuts through which you can easily save your hard-earned money. I hope your query is sorted. Have a nice flight. 


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