In how many days did Mark Zuckerberg write the initial Facebook code?

You cannot find anyone who has never used Facebook in his/her lifetime. Facebook has given a platform to users to connect with their partners, beloved ones, etc.; it is experienced and has contributed to reuniting separated old friends.

With all these specialties in it, the query is asked, How long did it take Mark Zuckerberg to make Facebook? it's a usual question, and to get the information on the same, the mentioned illustration will help you in all the ways;

How long did Mark Zuckerburg take to make Facebook?

News claims it was created in 10 years, while other sources say it took him to complete it in 15 years. So, to bring you a piece of valid information, the below points are there; give a look;

  • As per (Mark Zuckerburg) statement in a recent interview, Facebook was created in merely 2 weeks. 

  • He had not imagined this platform would deliver its services to over 3 billion people. 

Why has Facebook become so prominent?

Anything that gets prominent contains several advantages. While some of them are written below:

  • Reunited opportunities— Old friends, family members, loved ones, etc., can quickly be reunited on Facebook. 

  • Establish a conversation— You can talk to your friends, family members, etc., on this platform. 

  • Privacy and Security— Your texts are kept private; no one can read them, as it will be required to log in with credentials. Moreover, the agency itself cannot read those texts. 

Can you earn on Facebook?

Facebook, with interaction stuff, has now become an earning platform for content creators. Creators upload their content with respect to current issues, awareness, entertainment, etc., and they earn a good income. 

Can you create an ID and use Facebook?

Yes, if you wish to avail of Facebook services, you can do so by creating your ID. To make it, you have to sign in by entering your ID, password, and other credentials and submit the form. 


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