How to unblock Adobe Flash Player on Google Chrome

Adobe flash player is nearly impossible to view in google chrome for a half decade now and restrictions are also there. Flash player runs in every browser by default but it is not uncommon to encounter any kind of problem. If the user wants to unblock adobe flash player on Google chrome then below are the following guidelines to follow.

How to unblock Adobe flash player on Google chrome ?

Follow the below steps and unblock the flash player easily

  • Firstly user need to make sure that chrome is up to date.

  • Then check if the Adobe Flash Player is appearing as the blocked puzzle piece can no longer press on the area in order to Allow or Block the content.

  • Then user need to tap on the lock icon in the address bar, then press on the Site settings.

  • Then drop down to the Permissions section and use  the Flash pull down menu in order to top on Allow.

  • In order to apply your updated Flash settings on the  site, return to the page then press on the Reload option.

  • The blocked Flash content will now be appearing.

These were the following ways through user can easily  how to unblock adobe flash player on google chrome for  more information go to the website for more updates or dial the toll free number and talk to the representative and seek for help, they will try to solve your issue as soon as possible around the time. Adobe is known for it’s services and world class facilities.


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