How to rectify Google errors on phone?

How do I fix it if Google not working on the Phone?

Google users may sometimes face issues with working on the Phone and several reasons are responsible for facing issues with Google services and products. Let us consider some of the reasons and quick fixes for your account as far as your phone is concerned. 

Users can refer to the below-mentioned steps in order to eradicate Google not working on Phone issues and glitches. 

  • Update the application. 

Users must first check for the updates. If Google updates are available then users must update the Google application to solve issues on their phone. Visit the app store or play store and check for the available updates for Google and the related application. If the updates are available, update the application(s) at once to get rid of the issues.

  • Clear the Google cache from your device.

Users can start by clearing away the cache on the Google browser to rectify issues such as Google not working on the phone. This is one of the best ways to deal with Google-related complications and issues. Users can navigate to the Settings option and select the Apps and application option. Select the Google option and select the Clear Cache option to clear away the stored cache files to regain Googe functionality. 

  • Troubleshoot the problems. 

One of the best troubleshooting tips is to restart your device in order to get rid of the complications faced by users because of Google. Switch off your device and restart it. This will resolve common issues faced by users. 

  • Internet Connection.

Users must check their internet connection to resolve issues. Users may face Google issues due to connectivity problems with the device. If your phone is not connected, then you are surely going to face google not working on phone issues on your device or phone. You can restart the router to fix common connectivity issues and problems. 


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