How to fix if My Internet is not working on My Computer

Learn how to fix if My Internet is not working on My Computer

Internet issues faced by a number of users on their computer devices due to some technical errors occur at any time. If you are one of them and facing the same trouble and your internet is not working on your computer device, you must search for the cause of the issue. You might face problems due to its router, modem, or network settings that are important to set up and contact the ISP service provider to inform him that why My Internet is not working on My Computer and how to get the solution soon.

If you want to resolve this issue soon without wasting more time, you need to read the steps as pointed down.

·        At first, reboot your router and modem before doing anything and try to connect another device there.

·        Make sure your WI-FI is turned on and then select the Wireless settings that you need to choose to make some changes.

·        Select the wired connection and bypass the router and choose the advanced settings to fix your internet issue on your computer device.

·        You must update all the settings and check out the Wired and wireless connection to check your internet is now working fine eventually.

If you still face any bug and the my internet is not working on my computer , you need to contact tech support team that is available to help you anytime.



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