How to do a reverse Image search from Your Phone?

If you want to know about the procedure to perform a reverse image search from the phone, then you are at the right here; includes a complete process to get your things done.

But the question is, How to perform a reverse image search from the phone? You can go through the below-mentioned method, which includes simple steps that can be applied without expert guidance.

If you want to search for the image saved on the phone, then follow the steps written below:

  • Open your android phone, then tap on the google app icon.

  • After that, move to the bottom and tap on discover.

  • Now in the search bar, you can choose google lens.

Then you will get the two options :

  • To take a photo: you need to point at an object and tap on search.

  • To upload an existing image: select the picture from the gallery.

You can select the area to search for your thing : 

  • Use an object in the image: if it is available, then tap on the circle icon.

  • Use part of an image: select the image area, then drag at the corners of the box around the selected area.

At the end of the page, take your pointer to the find your search results option, and click on it.

Finally, to rename your search, click on the ‘Add to your search’ button.

If you want to reverse image search from the phone via the website, then follow these steps written below:

  • Get your android phone and at the screen, click on the chrome app.

  • Then move to the website with the image.

  • Now hold the image and select the search image with google lens.

  • You can tap on the circle icon on the object seen in the image, or you can search for part of an image by dragging the specific area around the object.

  • At last, scroll your cursor at the related searches and click on it.

  • To redefine your result, select Add to your search and enter keywords

If you are using the iPhone, the reverse image search process is slightly different.

  • You need to open your iPhone and then move to google images.

  • After that, you need to search for an image.

  • The page will show you the list of images on the panel; tap on your specific image.

At last, at the bottom left, you can select the search inside the image.


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