How to contact Yahoo to report a problem

Yahoo is famous for its email services which are used by millions of users. Some users face issues with the yahoo mail account. They can contact yahoo customer service any time. Yahoo offers a couple of ways to connect with its experts and get help on your issues.

If you are wondering how do I report with yahoo mail , then below are the steps to contact the yahoo specialist online and report a problem at yahoo mail:

  • Open the official page of yahoo and go to the mail option of yahoo.

  • Enter the email address and yahoo id in the given fields.

  • Now enter the detailed description of your problem in the description box, explaining everything about the issue with an accurate contact number.

  • Hereafter, you need to ensure that the email address you have entered is correct and go to the ‘I am not a robot’ process.

  • Now tap on the create request option to send your email.

  • Yahoo experts will review your email and contact you at your given phone number within 24 hours.

Yahoo experts solve various kinds of issues that users face; the following are some of them:

  • Yahoo account recovery problem.

  • Yahoo settings have been changing, which causes a problem in using yahoo email.

  • Yahoo email storage is complete and not able to add more information at email id.

  • Yahoo email id is hacked, and information is using on the other email id.

  • For the security of the account, the user wants to change the password of yahoo email id.

Any other issues can be solved through the yahoo representative in no time as they are 24 hours available to serve their users. If the user still found that their problem is not solved by yahoo mail, they can contact yahoo customer care by phone and live chat. These options are available at the help centre of yahoo.


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