How to activate Norton antivirus on the device? 

Norton Antivirus is one of the most famous and frequently used antiviruses to protect the computer devices so that they can function smoothly. Daily, we use our laptops and computers and there are equal chances of viruses and malware entering our devices through any unprotected site or link. But if you have an antivirus installed then your device will be safe and secure. There are certain steps of how to activate Norton Antivirus hence if you want to find out, tap below. 

Steps to activate Norton Antivirus

Suppose if you have never used antivirus and want to know how to activate Norton Antivirus then tap below for downloading it in your windows laptop or computer. 

1.First of all sign in your account with the help of the window PC that you use. 

2.Now choose for whom you are installing the program, child, or adult. 

3.Moving on, now tap on the option of Add device and then choose windows and 'next' 

4.Now if you want to run this program on your device then tap on yes option and click on download Norton family app. 

5.If in case you are not downloading this for a child then select the option of email address link where you will receive a link on your mail. Open the link on your mail and tap on it. 

6.Now as the link opens, run the downloaded installer file. Once done, your software will be automatically downloaded and you will be done. 

7.Now click done and enter your credentials of Norton account. 

8.In the edit section, now enter the option edit to assign this software to the concerned user be it an adult or a child. 

9.Once finished, close all the tabs to save the changes and you will be done. 

And that's how to activate Norton Antivirus in your device. In case you come across any kind of doubts or issue then contact the support team of the application. They will guide you with the solutions. 



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