How people can get senior discount at Southwest Airlines


Remember all the advantages of graduating from high school as a senior? However, after you reach your senior year in high school, you are eligible for additional benefits. Someone you know is probably looking for senior discounts on anything they buy. Southwest Senior Fares have discounted rates for passengers aged 65 and up, although they are not advertised during ticket sales.

What exactly do we mean when we say Southwest Senior Fare?

What is the senior discount at Southwest Airlines? The gist is that Southwest provides Senior Fares, which are discounted Anytime fares for those 65 and older. Southwest Senior Fare is usually the best offer on a refundable ticket. If the Wanna Get Away fare is still available, it will almost certainly be less expensive. If the potential to refund is important, however, a Senior Fare would be a reasonable option.

What is the protocol for booking Senior Fares on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines Senior Fare reservations for domestic and international flights are now being accepted online. Call a Southwest Representative or a local travel agent to make a reservation.

Finding Out More About Southwest Senior Fare

Senior Fare customers can sign in for their flight and print their boarding pass online at, just like all Southwest customers. In certain places, you can check in at the airport's Skycap podium, ticket counter, departure gate, or self-service kiosk.

If you are travelling on a Senior Fare and have already been age checked, you can order your boarding pass at or at a self-service kiosk.

What Does "Age Verification" Mean?

If you are travelling on a Senior Fare and are not age confirmed, you must show valid proof of age (driver's licence or other authorised identification) at the airport when exchanging your confirmation number for a boarding pass. As soon as Southwest confirms it, you'll be able to use mobile boarding passes.

This is the same identification that is needed to check a bag or move through security.

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