How Much Will be The IAS Coaching Fees in Delhi?-Elite IAS Academy

IAS coaching and Delhi are kind of a match made in heaven, a city where the abundance of both aspirants and coaching centers are quite high. Along with this, comes the high expenses of sustaining yourself in this metropolitan city. Rajender Nagar, Mukherjee Nagar are some of the well-known places where most of the aspirants stay and chase their dreams. Now we have to keep in mind, any expense for IAS preparation in any city depends on mainly 4 factors-

  1. Fee structure/coaching fees of institutes
  2. Accommodation/ rent fees
  3. Essential daily life expenses
  4. Non-essential expenses (like movies, parties, etc.)

The main reason for the high expense is the IAS coaching fees in Delhi. These days’ top coaching institutes may take up to 2.5 lacs for the whole package. Any good coaching institute will take nearly 1-1.5 lacs for GS+ Prelims preparation for those 10-11 months. For optional subject preparation, they may charge around 30-50k. Also with these, CSAT and test series may come up with another 30-40k. So overall if we estimate, then around 2 lakh rupees will be invested for any good coaching institute. 

Along with this high expense is also estimated for rent/rooms in Delhi. As most aspirants decide to live near the coaching institute's localities to save transport money, the accommodation fees may go up to 4k per month. Along with this other essential needs like internet, library access, electricity, newspaper, study materials, food may count up in your expense to another 4k.

So overall if we keep the average coaching fees along with basic amenities in the account (excluding the cost of mental pressure), then for 10-11 months of survival in Delhi IAS preparation life costs around 2-2.5lakhs.

Thank you, hopefully, you had a good insight regarding the IAS Coaching Fees in Delh.



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