What is Google's voice phone number and how does it work?

Google voice is the voice phone number by Google as the name suggests. And this enables users to be able to customize their voicemail, send text messages, read the voicemail text transcript and much more. This voicemail service can be used for free and is available on Gmail to all the users of Google. To know more about Google voice phone number and its uses you can refer to the information mentioned further. 

Learning How to Use Google Voice Phone Number!

To use this facility by Google, users need to sign-up on the Google voice and when they do so they are provided with a phone number that is connected to them across the different devices and locations. This phone number enables users to manage all of their phones with one single number. 

 To know how Google voice phone number works you can refer to the steps below. 

How Does Google Voice Work? 

  1. Users can listen to the voicemail before answering the call. 
  2. Call routing 
  3. Google voice call recording but this feature is available on the paid accounts. 
  4. Cheap international calls. 
  5. Call blocking 
  6. Conference call 
  7. Free Google voice SMS or text messages. 

And there are many other ways in which Google Voice phone number works. If you are doubtful that Google voice is free or not then you must know that setting up Google voice is free. But some of its features are paid like number porting, call recording, and international calls may also cause a certain amount. 

After knowing all the details on Google Voice, let us make you aware on how to set up the voice account. 

Setting up Google Voice Account! 

Before you start, you need to make up your mind which mode of Google Voice you require. If you choose Google voice number then you will be getting one number for the different devices. And this allows users to customize their account before someone calls on the number. 

If you are choosing Google Voice lite then this gives users one voicemail for all the mobile phones. And users can add existing phone numbers to their Google voice account. 

And after you have decided with the mode then you can move to the Google sign-up page and follow the instructions as mentioned on the screen. 

In case you need any further help then you are welcomed to contact Google voice customer helpline number that is 24/7 active to help you. 

How does use Google Voice phone number


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