How do you hide Google Voice Phone Number

Yes, Google voice hides your actual number. In case you are not porting your existing number, rather than you are choosing the new number. The new number will hide your Real number by using Google voice as a mediator. The Google voice infrastructure works as a privacy firewall between you and the people who are calling you. You can consider Google's voice number as a receptionist who routes your call to the desired destination.

Google voice call-Features

Using Google voice, you can take advantage of various features, which Google voice provides.

Choose different area code: With Google's voice number, it's not hard and fast to choose the same area code you are living with; you can choose the different area.

Set a Long with voicemail pin: many voicemail systems offer four digits numeric pins, which is unsafe and easily hacked. Google's voice number provides a pin greater than four characters, making it more secure.

Google voice's advanced call screening: You can screen calls as a receptionist with a Google voice number. Call screening s based on caller id, which means you can create customized messages based on the person who calls. Based on the caller's information, you can decide the number you want Google to try you. To activate call screening, you can go to the setting>Calls>Call screening

Block unwanted call: You can easily block the number you don't want to talk to again using the call block feature. Select a number from Google voice and then click on MORE links in the messages and select block caller to block the calls. Once you block a person, they will hear the message saying the number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.

Time-based call routing: You can route your call to a different destination with Google's voice number. It means you can get all calls on one number, and from there, it can be routed to home, office, cell phone, and Voicemail.

So does Google voice hide your real number? Reading the information above, you must have understood that Google hides your number.


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