How to reschedule a Southwest Airlines flight and its policy

Are you willing to reschedule a trip you have booked on Southwest Airlines? A few times, Southwest passenger request to rescheduling a flight they have already booked with them but now incapable of traveling according to the plan. Southwest permits the passengers to modify their existing booking and reschedule according to their requirements based on some rules. Therefore, to learn how you can reschedule a flight with Southwest, kindly collect details from below.

Easy steps for rescheduling your flight

·       Navigate to the official webpage of Southwest on a browser

·       Further look for Flight change tab on the home page of Southwest and open it

·       On the next page submit the booking number of your flight to reschedule

·       Then you have to type your first and last name in the assigned section

·       After that, tick mark the Change tab and then hit search button

·       Then all your bookings with Southwest will show on the next page

·       Now you have to open the individual flight that you want to reschedule

·       Afterwards, you can choose a desired date, time or change your route of travel

·       At last, Southwest will send your rescheduled flight details via message

Policy of Southwest to reschedule a flight

·       As per the reschedule policy of Southwest change can be applied free of cost even on a same day booking

·       Rescheduling flight timing, or date is permitted by the Southwest Airlines

·       According to the reschedule policy of Southwest Airlines travelling route can also be modified by the passenger

·       No extra fee is applicable for rescheduling a flight on Southwest but the difference in fair between new and existing booking required to be paid

Anyone can reschedule Southwest reservations to a different date or timing when they confront any emergency and unable to follow the planned trip. Apart from that, Southwest passengers can contact its reservations support center anytime for receiving additional support whenever they require it.


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