How Do I Fix Gmail Error 400 in Simple Steps?

Using the multiple Gmail account in your browser often leads to plenty of issues and one of the most common bad request error 400 which is also known as the Gmail error 400 among the users. This error caused due to too many other reasons and you can very easily fix it within very easy and quick steps recommended by Gmail to the users. But there are only fewer users know how to handle this error code of Gmail and if you are also one among those, then you can go through the mentioned instructions to resolve this error 400 of Gmail.

Troubleshooting of Gmail Error 400 in Simple Steps:

Method 1: Remove Gmail_Imp value

  • Open the Chrome browser on your computer.

  • Now right-click and then select Inspect.

  • Choose the Sources tab under the Developer Tools.

  • Now find Gmail_IMP and then right-click.

  • Now Click on the Delete option.

Method 2: Clear cookies and data

  • Open Chrome and then go to the Settings.

  • Click on the History tab.

  • Now you can click on Clear browsing data.

  • After that, select cookies, caches, and data boxes.

  • Now Click on the Clear Data tab.

  • Now restart your browser to complete the process.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can fix Gmail error 400 in a very smooth manner. But if you are still facing this error in your Gmail account or you have any other query, then you can get the expert’s help from the support team of Gmail and resolves the issues instantly. 



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