How do I claim compensation for a delayed flights in Air Canada?

Do I get compensation from Air Canada Airlines for delays?

Air Canada is known as the flag-carrier of Canada and is also considered the most significant airline when compared in fleet size. The airline provides its incomparable services in about 207 destinations across the globe. The most exciting factor of Air Canada is its flexible reimbursement and compensation policy set across by the airline to benefit its travelers.

So, if your flight gets delayed and wondering does Air Canada compensate for delays, then the answer is yes, Air Canada does provide compensation for delays. Check out this article to know more about Air Canada and its compensation policy.

Air Canada Compensation for flight delays

The foremost thing about Air Canada is that compensation for delays is calculated based on the flight’s arrival at its final destination. So, keep digging into the points given below to know if you are eligible for the compensation or not:

  • If your flight arrives three to six hours late at the final destination, then you can get about 400 CAD as flight delay compensation.

  • For flights delayed by six to nine hours, 700 CAD is the compensation amount decided by the airline.

  • But, if your flight gets delayed for more than nine hours or more, 1000 CAD will be credited as the compensation amount.

  • With EC 261 in effect, Air Canada is obliged to provide food, drink, and communication access to the passengers whose flight gets delayed.

  • If necessary, Air Canada must provide accommodation and rescheduled flight options for the passengers in need.

  • If the delay is turned into cancellation, the passenger has all the right to file a refund request for their canceled flight.

  • Also, you can cancel your flight if the rescheduled flight does not fit right with your travel plans.

  • Air Canada is not obligated to pay you the compensation for any delay if they can find the next best suitable flight to help you cover your journey.

  • For all the flights covering a route of under 1,500 km, Air Canada can compensate you up to 290 USD per person, and the compensation amount varies as per the route takes and time of initial booking.

You can check the compensation amount on the official website of Air Canada, and the passenger might get up to $700 per passenger. To know better about- does Air Canada compensate for delays , contact the Air Canada customer support team with unique methods of helping you out in your demanding situations.


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