How do I Book United Airlines Group Travel Ticket

Book your United Airlines group travel ticket

Travelling with family, friends, or other groups is always a great and exciting experience. You can plan your group travel with United Airlines to avail the best deals and offers, along with various facilities for the group members. United Airlines provides one of the best packages and deals for group travel.

Benefits of group travel

You can book a group journey for ten or more passengers, with special services and pricing. During a group trip, United Airlines will meet all your requirements. Here are the benefits of booking group travel with United Airlines:

  • For your group travel, United Airlines offer special prices.

  • There is a group coordinator for the assistance of group and group members at the airport. 

  • You will have the option of priority check-in.

  • You will get a guaranteed low fare for your group travel.

  • You can fill the online bid form to get the fare for the journey of the group.

United Airlines group travel

To book group travel in the United Airlines, you have the option to either contact the group travel agent or use the official website. Here are the steps for an online bid request:

  • You need to provide the contact information of the traveller.

    • First name and last name

    • Email address

    • Phone number

    • Address

    • City

    • State

    • Zipcode

  • Enter the group details with all the info.

    • Group name 

    • Total number of passengers

    • Description of group 

    • Departure and arrival cities

    • Date of departure

    • Return date

  • Provide the requested bid amount.

  • If any special baggage requirements are there, provide the details.

  • When you submit all this info, your bid will be submitted.

  • Once your bid is accepted, you will get notification about the same. 

  • Finally, you can pack your bags for your journey and enjoy your group travel.

For any queries on United Airlines group travel , contact the group travel reservations team. You can avail all the facilities and services offered provided by the support team of United Airlines.


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