How can i reschedule Fiji Airways Flight Date?

Flyers have to modify their flights due to a change of their mind. Due to a change in your plans, you have to change your flights. Take it easy because you don’t have to go through the grueling process of cancellation your flight, requesting a refund, and then rebooking your flight as per your needs. Simply, you have to change the flight. Change Fiji airways flight date is more accessible. If you have any queries, here is a simple guide that change helps you to change your flight. So continue reading to modify your ticket date.

Fiji Airways change policy

There are terms and conditions that have to be followed to change Fiji Airways:

  • Change policy is applicable on the tickets when passengers have purchased the ticket from the airline, be it online, helpdesk, or call center.

  • Change is permitted within 24 hours of booking the flight, and the departure schedule must be 7 or more days without any fee. The 24 hours policy doesn’t apply to military fares, bereavement fares, or bookings made through frequent flyer points. Passengers may consider paying around $200 if the flight takes off before 7 days.  

  • Fiji Airways change flight after 24 hours of purchasing tickets after paying a fee, usually based on the ticket type, fare, date, and destination. Fiji Airways changed the flight date to approximately charged $150 and permitted till 11 months from the confirmation of the ticket.

  • It is mandatory to make changes 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

  • Change Fiji airways flight date, airline isn’t responsible for the other cost such as hotel and transportation charges bear by the passengers.

  • Sometimes, the airline has to change the flight timing for more than three hours due to technical issues or weather conditions. If that’s the case with you, Fiji Airways allows free rebooking to and from the US.

Check the confirmation to know your change tickets policy applicable to your ticket. The easiest way is to refer to the confirmation mail sent to you when you booked your flight.

How Can I change my flight date on Fiji Airways?

Make sure you have booked your flight directly from the airline. If you booked via a third party, contact them to change your flight. Directly booked flights can Change Fiji airways flight date online by following these steps:

  • Visit the website of Fiji Airways.

  • Click on Manage and select “Manage your Booking.”

  • Enter your booking details, reference number, and last name of your confirmed ticket.

  • Click on “Search.”

  • Select change flight and modify your details.

  • Pay the fare amount if required and submit the changes.

Once you click, you will receive a confirmation mail about the same. This mode is feasible because the date can be changed anytime, anywhere.

There are more ways to change the flight. Make an effort to call customer service.

Contact customer support: Calling customer support is a relief for travelers when they are in deep distress. To get in touch with Fiji airways, you can dial the official number. Don’t miss these IVR instructions:

  • Press 1 to choose the language to interact with the customer agent.

  • Press 2 to buy the tickets from the airline.

  • Press 3 to make changes in your flight/upgrade flight.

  • Press 4 to cancel your ticket your apply refund.

  • Press 5 to resolve issues about the baggage and online check-in policies related to your tickets.

  • Press 6 to connect with the live representative at Fiji Airways.

Passengers can contact the airline 24X7. To how can I change flight dates with Fiji Airways is most effective and valuable when you don’t have time to change your flight. Share your ticket details, mainly your reference number and last name, so they can modify your ticket based on your requirement.

Contact Ticket Counter: Well, this is another tested method to get assistance besides being the most assured after communicating with a live airport representative. Don’t forget the give them the information about your ticket. So you can visit the nearest airport to get assistance when you have to change your flight.

What if Fiji Airways changed my flight?

Though this is rare for Fiji Airways to change the flight, however, there may be chances of flight delays due to extreme conditions which are uncontrollable. Travelers are allowed to reschedule a flight as per their convenience. So, a new date and time can be selected without any charges, only these minor changes are allowed. However, passengers aren’t permitted to change the destination or ticket type, for that considered paying the amount that is decided on the factors like ticket type, destination, date, and time.

Follow social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter for updated information about your flights. Visit the website to get more details. If your flight is due in a few hours, prefer calling the airline customer support for instant help.  

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