How can I change my flight reservation of Aeromexico

Aeromexico is the Mexican flag carrier with a humongous area of operation for covering many destinations which allows you to change the flight. Flight schedules are affected by voluntary and involuntary changes in travel plans and a change in flight is permitted by Aeromexico.

How can I change the Aeromexico flight?

You can reschedule the flight of Aeromexico Airlines by employing the following method.

  • Open a web browser and go to the website of Aeromexico.

  • On the home screen, click on My Trips option.

  • Enter the reservation or ticket number and the Last name of the passenger.

  • Click on Find Your Reservation option and retrieve the booking.

  • Choose the flight change option.

  • Enter the booking details of the new flight.

  • Complete the details of the new flight booking.

  • Receive the confirmation email after completing the flight change.

You are required to provide payment for altering the flight schedule and any difference in the fare of the old and new booking. If you are changing voluntary, you can use complementary flight change to book your flight for free or obtain travel funds. For involuntary flight change, you can obtain the refund or travel voucher with 115% of ticket value.

How can I change the Aeromexico flight on Android?

You can also change the Aeromexico flight by using the android app of the airlines with the following method.

  • Open Aeromexico app on Android device.

  • Tap on My trips option.

  • Enter the confirmation code or ticket number.

  • Provide the Last name of the passenger.

  • Select ADD TRIP and choose the flight change option.

  • Give required details and give on-screen instructions.

  • Provide payment to complete the process (if required).

You can also change the flight of Aeromexico by using the browser app on android or the iOS device. To get more information about the flight change of the Aeromexico airlines reservations , contact the customer support team of Aeromexico.



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