Get certain tips to connect your phone to Delta Wi-Fi

Delta Airlines delivers the best travel facilities to book your flight ticket to your destinations at the lowest rate. It is a leader in domestic and international travel, provides flight ticket to more than 300 destinations in around 60 countries. You can imagine getting amazing flight journey with its suitable features and services in the plane of Delta Airlines. Likewise, if you are travelling with Delta and want to utilize the WI-FI service, you must understand simple concept and some rules that you need to follow during your flight journey.

When you fly with Delta Airlines, get fast and free network service and enjoy free internet access. If you are using your phone, tablet, or laptop device, make sure to put your device in airplane mode and select the Delta WI-FI service that provides you a connection for the internet service. If you want to connect your phone to Delta WI-FI and are willing to know the details of WI-FI service, go through the steps provided by the customer representative.

Following are the simple steps to connect your phone to Delta WI-FI:

·         First, turn on your mobile phone and go to the device settings.

·         Turn on Airplane mode from your device and go to the network connections.

·         Select the Delta network service and select the sign-in button on the page.

·         If you cannot see the sign-in tab page, you must go to Delta using your browser on your device.

·         After entering the correct password, click on the WI-FI service and check the fast internet service you can use to complete the task efficiently.  

How does Delta WI-FI service work?

You will experience Delta’s new free WI-FI system is available from pushback to park. So, once the boarding doors close, customers are free to connect to the onboard WI-FI network, that you need to log in, enter the correct user ID and password, and click on the WI-FI service promptly. Delta WI-FI service is faster and more reliable in providing you with a connection of internet service that you can use until you are flying in the sky with Delta Airlines.

Suppose you are still facing trouble and you wish to interrogate about how do I connect my phone to Delta Wi-Fi? . In that case, you can contact a customer representative team is always active to assist you with your concern correctly.

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