Find answer on How long can I hold my Flight Reservation without paying?

Would you like to get hold my flight reservation? If yes, then here you will receive the specified information on the same. Before proceeding to hold the flight, you should have some knowledge of the guidelines to hold the flight reservation. Few of the instructions are given below on how long can i hold my flight reservation without paying ?:

·        If you are still not sure with your flight booking, you can now hold your flight booking along with the guaranteed fare in exchange of a minimum fee for up to 72 hours.

·        You can hold your flight booking for a minimum fee depends on your region and the number of hours you need to hold the flight booking for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

·        The Hold My Booking fees get together is non-refundable and it will not be subtracted from the price of the ticket.

·        If duplicate flight bookings are accepted, one of the flight bookings will be cancelled and the Hold My Booking option will no longer be affordable.

·        Hold My Booking option is not convenient for Award bookings.

·        Hold My Booking may not be present for certain points of origin during sales or promotions.

Simple way to hold the flight reservation:

1.     Open the official website of the airline.

2.     Click on the “Book” tab”. After that, tap on the “Flights” option.

3.     Select the type of trip.

4.     Now, give your arrival/departure place.

5.     Select the departure and return dates.

6.     Give the promo code if you have it.

7.     Tap on the “Show flights” button to find the suitable flights.

8.     Choose the airline that suits your budget.

9.     After that, select the “Hold my Booking”.

10.            Now, finish the payment within the limited time slot.

11.            Lastly, you will the booked ticket.

Finally, you got to know about how long can i hold my flight reservation without paying in a very secure manner. If you need help, you can contact the customer support team.



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