Everything should learn about How can I Stop Pop Up Messages on My Laptop

This pop message is like a bulb that glows at every point when you are doing some important work on your screen & tries to interrupt the normal functioning of the laptop. This pop problem arises in every laptop if it is not updated or for any other reason that laptops may face in their software system. Now if this problem arises, with your laptop & you want to know how can i stop pop up messages on my laptop, so that this pop-up message problem does not arise again.

Then you should go through these steps that will guide you to stop this pop-up message system on your screen;

•        The very simple & easy step to stop is that, first of all, open Microsoft edge & then click on the three horizontal dots that is on the top right corner

•        Or you can also press ALT-X so that the menu option opens

•        After that at the bottom of the second last option would be settings click on that

•        Then after that click on the option ‘Privacy & Security, which is the little padlock tab along with the left-hand side of the bar

•        Then you have to scroll down to the security option unless you find the security option

•        There you only need to do is to turn on the option ‘Block pop-ups’.

And by doing this you can easily stop the pop-up messages to come on the screen for a long time.

However for any further way you want regarding how can i stop pop up messages on my laptop , then for that you should visit the customer service center or try to contact the customer support team in this context, that might be a very helpful option to opt for, through which you can very easily get other ways to solve.


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