Does Qantas have Call Back Option?

Qantas provides various alternatives to get in touch with customer care services to get the desired assistance and resolve issues. The phone call alternative provides live assistance to the complainers. If your call can not be completed at the time you approached the airlines, then you can request a callback. A detailed description of the methods to receive a phone call from Qantas is given in the forthcoming section. You are eligible to use any alternative according to your convenience or use multiple options to request a callback and resolve your issue.

Different ways to receive a callback from Qantas Airlines:

Through phone: If you are unable to get associated with the Qantas representative by calling their customer services due to a busy hold time, then you can request a Qantas callback according to your time preference. For this, you must dial the official phone number; the call will be attended by an automated voice that will generate the following code and ask the callers to press one number:

Press 1: For flight bookings

Press 3: To cancel or change flight

Press 5: To make modifications in the flight

Press 0: To request a callback

As you select “0” from the above-mentioned menu, your callback request will be registered with the airlines, and you can expect a call at your desired time.

Via live chat: Live chat not only resolves the problems of the customers instantly but also provides the facility to get in touch with the live representative via the callback option. To use this facility of the airlines people must follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Visit the official Qantas Airlines website.

  • Click on the contact us section from the top menu panel after selecting your language.

  • Now to use the chat facility, one must login into the existing account using credentials. 

  • As the chat window pops up, you must either give a brief description of your issue or provide your contact details to receive a call from Qantas.

  • You must also specify a suitable time to receive a phone call.

  • After sending your message, you will be assisted by a virtual representative who will provide the finest possible solution to eliminate your issue and register your callback request. 

By sending an email: If the above two alternatives fail to get answer on How do I request a callback from Qantas? a call from Qantas, then you can drop an email to receive a phone call. For this, you must provide complete traveler detail and contact information and provide the available time to get a phone call from the airline representative to get assistance and eliminate your issue. 

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