Does Air Canada charge any cancellation fee

Air Canada strives to provide a content journey to all the travel lovers residing worldwide. But facing inconsistencies in your itinerary is the second worst thing, whereas cancellation fees still top the list. Canceling a flight can empty a hefty amount from your pocket, and canceling a flight can be complicated. But with Air Canada's flexible cancellation policy, everything seems easy and within budget.


The cancellation policy at the airline is put across to provide a plethora of benefits to travelers. So, if you also need to know how much is cancellation fee for Air Canada, this article can help you out efficiently. 


The ticket cancellation fee for Air Canada

No matter which ticket fare you have selected, passengers at Air Canada can cancel their flight. But the condition here is that the cancellation must be made within 24 hours of the previous booking. To understand better the cancellation fare at Air Canada, take help from the given points:

  • A traveler has to pay a cancellation fee of about $125 if you do not satisfy the standard limit set across by the airline.

  • If you are canceling your flight using Air Canada’s contact center, you have to pay around $150 to compensate for the cancellation.

  • If you are booked with Standard, Flex, Non-flexible business, and Premium Economy, you must pay around $200 for the cancellation.

  • When booked with a Basic Economy fare with Air Canada, you can not cancel the flight after one day of your booking.

  • If a passenger is canceling their flight due to military orders, you can apply for a refund. 

  • Also, if you are canceling your flight due to the demise of someone close or your travel companion, you can apply for a full refund.

So, if you ask how much is cancellation fee for Air Canada , the answer depends on the type of fare you are booked for. Air Canada gives privileges to travelers booked with a Latitude or Flexible Premium ticket by allowing them to cancel anytime they want.

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