Do I need to get COVID tests to fly on Air Canada

Air Canada is one of the safest airlines to include in your following travel plans. The airline follows all safety measures and has introduced necessary protocols to avoid COVID-19 Virus as much as possible.

Many travelers are getting their backpacks ready but are facing the question- does Air Canada require COVID test. If you also face the same dilemma, the answer is YES, so continue digging into this article to get more information about the airline and its adapted safety measures.

Safety protocols at Air Canada

A traveler must carry trustable COVID test reports which state they are healthy enough to continue their journey with the airline. Comply with the given safety protocols set across by Air Canada:

  • Before you reach the airport and proceed with the check-in procedures, make sure that you carry COVID-19 health documents.

  • The COVID test certificate that you carry must fit right with the needs and requirements of safety measures pre-decided by the country you wish to travel to.

  • You are allowed to proceed with the check-in process only if your COVID test report qualifies all the protocols and fits right with Air Canada's safety-related formalities.

  • You need to provide the document while checking in online; the airline will prompt you to upload the necessary documentation after the successful check-in.

  • Suppose you have already checked in with your flight but skipped the COVID test report submission part. You should contact the Air Canada customer representative and submit associated documents as soon as possible in such a scenario.

Air Canada coordinates with its travelers to provide a safe and touchless journey until they reach their destination. For travelers who face the query, does Air Canada require COVID test ? The answer is yes, and you might not be able to proceed with the check-in if they fail to submit the test report.





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