Do I need to bring a COVID test to fly to Las Vegas on Southwest

Being a trusted American Airlines, Southwest Airlines is one of the prominent choices if you are looking forward to a safe journey. Yes, the airline is a low-budget carrier, but this factor does not stop Southwest from caring about the safety of its travelers. And that is why the airline has installed several preventive measures to deal with the pandemic situation.

Need to know “Do you need a Covid test to fly Southwest to Las Vegas?” Well, you can get answers here. From here, you will be able to understand the protocols and safety policies installed by Southwest Airlines to benefit your well-being.

COVID related restrictions at Southwest Airlines

When traveling to Las Vegas or any other destination dwelled in America, there are some extra precautions to take. Read the given points and try to abide by each of them to be safe until you reach Las Vegas:

  • All the passengers traveling to Las Vegas must bring a COVID test report stating that they are healthy to continue their journey.

  • Ensure that you are not exposed or diagnosed positive to the virus at least ten days before the travel date. 

  • Also, one must carry a certificate that states the passenger does not have a fever and is fit to onboard with the Southwest flight.

  • To maintain the safety standards inside the flight, the airline has temporarily suspended onboard amenities like beverage and snack services. This safety restriction stays in effect until any further notice is published by Southwest Airlines.

  • A passenger is not allowed to buy an extra middle seat, nor the airline provides you with the assignment; a passenger must obtain their respective seats during the check-in.

For the travelers who need to know-  do you need a Covid test to fly Southwest to Las Vegas ? The answer is yes, and you need to present an authentic COVID test report. But, if you need additional safety-related assistance before you book a ticket, consider calling the Southwest Airlines customer service number.


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