Can we connect Smartwatch to My Phone?

Today smartwatch has become the essential gadget in one life. In earlier watches, you could only use it to see time, but now the smartwatch comes with a different feature that makes phone use more convenient. We can also say that smartwatches are also an extension of phones.

How to Connect a Smartwatch Phone?

To connect your smartwatch via phone, there are two different methods:-

  • Connect via Bluetooth- you can connect your smartwatch with your phone via Bluetooth by pairing them with one another. And how to connect it with your phone; here is some step for the same.


Step 1- Switch on Bluetooth on your mobile device

  • First, go to your setting

  • Then, find the Bluetooth option in setting

  • Click on the Bluetooth icon that is showing on your screen

  • After that switch on Bluetooth on your device.

  • Switch on smartwatch 

  • Before switching on the Bluetooth option, ensure that your smartwatch is on. And ready to connect with the device.


Step 2- Scan for the ‘new device’ in the Bluetooth option

  • At the bottom of Bluetooth, there is the option 'Scan for new device'

  • Then click on it to find a new device

  • A new device will appear just above the 'new device' option


Step 3:- Switch on the smartwatch 

  • Before switching on the Bluetooth make sure that your smartwatch device is on


Step4:-Connect your smartwatch to your phone

  • As of now in the Bluetooth option, a new device is visible.

  • Click on the new device that has appeared on the Bluetooth.

  • By clicking on your device a tiny pop-up will appear.

  • sure that the pop up should match the phone as well as watch

The benefit of pairing the devices

The benefit of pairing a smartwatch with your phone as it is an extension of the phone that allows you to enjoy many features of it. Such as:-

  • Receive a call on your watch: - you can see who is calling and if it is important to take a call then receive the call otherwise disconnect it. By this no need to take the phone again and again.

  • Receive messages: - As of now, we are connected through social media due that we take out our phones repeatedly to see messages. But this workload also gets reduced by paring.

  • Track health: - smartwatch now tracks your health condition such as footstep; heart rate, how much water you have drank, and also track sleep. This leads to a smart and healthy lifestyle.

These above described steps can help to know about how do I connect my smartwatch to my phone in a simple way. In case you are still not able to connect your watch to your phone than connect customer support team for the better help.



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