can one get a Refund from Turkish Airlines?

There are different situations in which we have to make flight cancellations, and sometimes due to changes in our travel plans, rescheduling, weather conditions, or any flight delays, we have to cancel our flights. The main thing that comes to our mind is the refund of flight tickets.

Though if you made a flight cancellation or have to cancel your tickets and are wondering, "Can I get full refund on Turkish Airlines," this article will help you. To make a Turkish airline refund request, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to get a flight refund from Turkish Airlines:

  • Go to the website of Turkish Airlines and login into your account. 

  • After login, go to the cancellation page. 

  • Through that, your flight summaries will be given to you, and you have to cancel the flight for which you want to get a refund. 

  • Make sure you cancel that flight for which you need to get a refund, then you will get the refund from Turkish Airlines. 

  • After canceling the flight, you need to click on the request refund form and fill out the form.

  • The refund form will require your flight reference number and the other details. 

  • You can also submit the document if required, and after submitting the form, you will get the confirmation email or text message. 

So if you think about how you can get your refund from Turkish airlines, you can quickly get through the above steps to get a refund for your flight reservation. Now we know how we get the refund, and now you should know about the refund policy so that you understand everything and don't end up paying the extra charges to request a refund.

What is Turkish Airlines' Refund Policy?

The given points will assist you with the refund policy of Turkish airlines So, according to the Turkish Airlines refund policy:

  • If your flight is cancelled due to any reason, Turkish Airlines provides you with an alternative getaway in the form of a refund. 

  • If the flight is canceled and no alternative flight is available, then as per the refund policy, the Airline will provide you the accommodation. 

  • If your flight gets canceled within 24 hours of the purchase, the Airline will give you a full refund. 

  • You will not get a refund if the flight is canceled after 24 hours of purchase. 

  • The refund will take around five to seven days for the Turkish Airlines refund request to complete, and the amount will be credited to your original payment bank account. 

 How long will Turkish Airlines take to provide a refund?

If you have requested a refund, you need to know the airline following policies that will let tell you when you can get your refund.

Let's know how long it will take for a refund from Turkish airlines:  

  • Per the policy, the Airline will provide a refund within 7-20 days of booking a flight ticket. 

  • Your refund will be credited within seven days if you have paid using a credit card. 

  • If you have selected your cash to pay for the ticket, it may take 20 days. 

  • If you want a refund on your nonrefundable account, it may take 20 working days to get the refund. 

Thus, that is how one can get a refund from Turkish airlines by pursuing the abovementioned details. If you still have issues regarding the refund and have been wondering, "Can I get full refund on Turkish Airlines" you can contact the airline customer service group using the contact number and get help regarding your refund. 


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